Can you download DigitalOcean Snapshots?

30th December 2019 By Simon Bennett

Sorry, you can't download DigitalOcean Snapshots

Unfortunately, you are unable to download your DigitalOcean snapshots and backups outside of the DigitalOcean environment. They have not made this feature available. There has been talking about making it possible but we have not seen DigitalOcean make any steps towards making this possible.

You can do a lot with DigitalOcean snapshots within their network. Create new droplets from Snapshot, restore existing droplets to snapshot and moving snapshot across data centres.


Here at SnapShooter we find that snapshots are an extremely powerful way to protect droplets and volumes. Recovering a server is extremely fast compared to restoring from an external source, network lag is very real when your moving GB's of data in a hurry (especially when uploading from a consumer ISP connection). We also value the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket. We recommend to all our customers and DigitalOcean customers to also create off-site backups.

Here is our recommended a list of articles created by the Digital Ocean community to get you started.

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Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett, the founder and creator of SnapShooter, fascinated with DigitalOcean been one of the first customers to come on board when SSD where introduced and the first Amsterdam datacenter opened in 2013.

In 2017 he started SnapShooter, becoming the first dedicated tool for improving DigitalOcean backups with more frequent backups. You can always contact him at simon(at)