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29th December 2019 By Simon Bennett

SnapShooter Joins DigitalOcean Hatch

SnapShooter is very proud to join DigitalOcean hatch, DigitalOceans startup accelerator program.

2nd October 2019 By Simon Bennett

Backing up MySQL on DigitalOcean

If your Droplet has an extremely active database its worth exporting the data into a static file just before taking a snapshot, this was you guarantee your data is safely backed up and restorable without corruption. For this guide, we are going to base it on using MySQL but this is possible for any database where you can export into a static file.

30th December 2019 By Simon Bennett

DigitalOcean Spaces is now Generally Available

DigitalOcean announced spaces Septemeber 2017 and they are now generally available to all developers. Spaces is a simple standalone object storage service which enabled developers to store and serve any data with automatic scaling. You can try out spaces, with a free 2-month trial.