Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Backups

Backup your Droplets more frequently than DigitalOceans Backup Solution

Better than DigitalOceans weekly Backups

Weekly backups are often not enough assurance that your data is safe, with your projects constantly making changes. This is the reason SnapShooter was born to allow far more frequent backups

We support up to hourly backups of your droplets and volumes. We support taking backups every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours. Giving you a full range of options

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Why Backup DigitalOcean Daily?

This could leave you and your clients servers as risk of having outdated backups. If your using DigitalOceans weekly backups you could be 7 days out of date when recovery!

Servers that generate data every single day need backups more than weekly

Does DigitalOcean Support Daily Backups?

DigitalOcean current backup offering only allows weekly backup of droplets and there is no support for backing up volumes.

This is where SnapShooter steps in, we build a service that allows customers to backup DigitalOcean Servers from hourly to daily.

Unlike DigitalOcean we also offer support for daily volume backups.

How do DigitalOcean Backups Work?

DigitalOcean uses a snapshot based system that creates a point-in-time backup of the current state of your Droplet. The system can work without powering down the droplet and provides a system level backup

DigitalOcean call there snapshots crash-consistent backups meaning the system captures all data on the disk in exactly the state it was at a single point of time (requested snapshot time), meaning your data will be in a consistent state.

You do have to remember it only backup data writes to disk at the time, any pending disk writes in memory for example will not be included.

The host machine makes a SnapShot of the guest VM (your droplet) using the copy-on-write implementation, once completed the snapshot is sat on the Host machine and transferred to off server storage within DigitalOcean data-center. The copying off the host machine can be the slowest part depending on how busy your Host machine is and current loads.

What regions can you make DigitalOcean Snapshots?

You can make backups of your droplets in any DigitalOcean region, see out supported DigitalOcean regions to see full support, including region snapshot transfer support.

How do you backup your Droplet Daily

Setting Setup with SnapShooter is Easy
  • Login or Register to SnapShooter
  • Connect your DigitalOcean account
  • Find your new Droplet
  • Activate
  • Choose how often to backup e.g. Once a Day
  • Choose how many you want to keep e.g. 7
  • Choose the timezone of your droplet
  • Choose the time you want daily backups to happen
  • Click Start Backing up
  • Click Snapshoot Now if you want us to backup right away
  • Sit back and relax your Droplet is safe
Active daily digitalocean backups on SnapShooter