Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Backups

Backup your Droplets more frequently than DigitalOceans Backup Solution

Better than DigitalOceans weekly Backups

Weekly backups are often not enough assurance that your data is safe, with your projects constantly making changes. This is the reason SnapShooter was born to allow far more frequent backups

We support up to hourly backups of your droplets and volumes. We support taking backups every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours. Giving you a full range of options

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Frequent Backups

Perform snapshots from every hour to every day. Timezones and schedules supported. E.g. Set nightly backups when you want.

Archive Backups

Advance backup rotation retention policies allows you to keep as many; daily, weekly and monthly backups as you want.

Fast Recovery

Get back online fast if the worst case happens. Restoring whole server snapshots are easy and get you running in no time.


Your snapshots are kept secure inside DigitalOcean's infrastructure and copied to their Amazon Glacier.