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Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Droplet Backups

Are weekly backups enough for your business?

DigitalOceans backup offering only keeps the last four weekly backups.

Better than DigitalOceans weekly backups

Weekly backups are often not enough assurance that your data is safe, with your projects constantly changing and evolving. This is the reason SnapShooter was born: to allow far more frequent backups

We support from hourly up to daily backups of your droplets and volumes. We support taking backups every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours, giving you a full range of options to safeguard your data.

Alex Colemen

"Looking for more than one automated DigitalOcean backup/week? SnapShooter let's you create and fully customize your own backup schedule!"

Alex Coleman — Founder Self Taught Coder

How to get Started with SnapShooter ?

  • Login or Register to SnapShooter
  • Connect your DigitalOcean account
  • Find your new Droplet
  • Activate
  • Choose how often to backup e.g. Once a Day
  • Choose how many you want to keep e.g. 7
  • Choose the timezone of your droplet
  • Choose the time you want daily backups to happen
  • Click Start Backing up
  • Click Snapshot Now if you want us to backup right away
  • Sit back and relax, your Droplet is safe!
Active daily digitalocean backups on SnapShooter

Helpful answers

Snapshots are taken and stored within your DigitalOcean account. You are currently billed $0.05 per GB per month by DigitalOcean. You pay this directly to DigitalOcean. We help you estimate this.

This helps you with data compliance as the data never leaves DigitalOcean and SnapShooter has no physical access to snapshot data.

We connect DigitalOcean to SnapShooter via the familiar and secure OAuth protocol, and we securely store your OAuth keys and regularly rotate them. Physical access to snapshot data is impossible.

You pay DigitalOcean for all storage fees of SnapShots.

DigitalOcean charges you a flat $0.05 per GB per month for storing snapshots, they are billed hourly.

You are only billed for the final snapshot size not the size of the droplet hard drive

There is no network cost associated with Droplets SnapShots and you do not pay extra to transfer to a second region.

No, we don't touch the state of your droplet. DigitalOcean offer the ability to take a snapshot while a server is online.

Most of our customers turn off DigitalOcean backups and save the 20% of the server cost that backups cost. If you wished to enable it you can, SnapShooters backup service will not conflict with DigitalOcean's.

Why Backup DigitalOcean Daily?

DigitalOcean's own backups run once per week, not daily nor hourly. Without frequent backups you run the risk of losing all your data for as much as the last 7 days.

Imagine the impact on your business of losing a whole week of your website's history.

You could miss out on vital leads from your customers, lose order information or client data.

Avoid the nightmare of critical data loss. Enable backups on your own schedule today using SnapShooter.

It's simple to get started. Simply connect your account, then choose whether to backup every hour or every day. We'll make sure your backups run like clockwork, so you're never out of date.

Start backup up your Droplets today, and have one less thing to worry about.

What does DigitalOcean backups offer?

DigitalOcean currently offers weekly backups as a additional option on your droplet, its something you can easily turn on and off and will cost you 20% extra compared to the current droplet price

A $60 a month server will cost you a extra $6 a month, for your extra 20% you only get weekly backups, with the last four kept!

At SnapShooter we didn't think weekly backups were good enough for most businesses and recommend at least daily backups.

How do you backup your Droplet Daily?

DigitalOcean uses a snapshot based system that creates a point-in-time backup of the current state of your Droplet. The system can work without powering down the droplet and provides a system level backup.

DigitalOcean call there snapshots crash-consistent backups meaning the system captures all data on the disk in exactly the state it was at a single point of time (requested snapshot time), meaning your data will be in a consistent state.

You do have to remember it only backup data writes to disk at the time, any pending disk writes in memory for example will not be included.

The host machine makes a SnapShot of the guest VM (your droplet) using the copy-on-write implementation, once completed the snapshot is sat on the Host machine and transferred to off server storage within the DigitalOcean data-center. The copying off the host machine can be the slowest part depending on how busy your host machine is and current loads.

What are DigitalOcean Snapshots?

DigitalOcean SnapShot backups are a way to perform a backup yourself of your droplet or volume. You can have as many as you want and you just pay the simple storage fee of $0.05 per GB per month.

This enables you to backup your Droplets and Volumes frequently however you then need to manage this yourself.

This is where SnapShooter comes in, we use the DigitalOcean SnapShot process to take Digital ocean backups and then manage the backups lifecycle. We can even transfer them to a second region automatically if required

What regions can you make DigitalOcean Snapshots in?

You can make backups of your droplets in any DigitalOcean region, see our supported DigitalOcean regions to see full support, including region snapshot transfer support.

Full SnapShooter Backup Setup Guide

For a full guide on how to setup your SnapShooter account with daily droplet backups see our documentation

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