How to Restore DigitalOcean Droplet from a SnapShot/Backup


While this guide is focused on customers of SnapShooter, it will work for any snapshot or backup taken inside your DigitalOcean account.

{danger} When restoring a droplet to a backup/snapshot you will erase all data currently on the machine, you can always take a snapshot before you start a recovery process

Why Can't I restore straight from the SnapShooter Control Panel?

This is a question we very rarely get, when we started SnapShooter in 2017 we decided not to offer this, due to the damage restoring can do, but instead provide an easy to follow guide for recovery, recovery operations hopefully don't have to happen, when you do, you are very thankful for backup services like SnapShooter make sure the damage is limited.

Locate Backup Name

Before you start you need to find your backup name, if you are using DigitalOcean Weekly backups, you don't need todo this step.recovery

  • Log in to SnapShooter
  • Find your droplet
  • View the Snapshots Table
    • Find the SnapShot you wish to recovery
    • SnapShot list
    • Copy the name
  • Press view in DigitalOcean Button
    • View in DigitalOcean
    • If the link does not work, make sure you're in the correct team


{danger} It's advised to do a manual SnapShot before attempting a recovery

In our example, we are going to try and restore to 2020-01-18 10:00:09

  • Login to DigitalOcean
  • Find your Droplet
  • On the sidebar select Destroy (Don't worry we are not going to destroy it)
    • Destroy Screen
  • In the Rebuild Droplet Box paste in the SnapShot name (in our case 2020-01-18 10:00:09)
    • Rebuild Droplet
    • The 'Created from' should match the name of the droplet
  • Press Rebuild
  • You will be asked to confirm
    • Confirm DigitalOcean Droplet Rebuild
    • Press
  • Wait for Rebuild Process
    • The process is dependant on the size of the droplet snapshot, and can be slow. The process bar in DigitalOcean is not very helpful for estimating time
    • The server should boot once completed