Automatically Activate New Servers

Automatically start backing up new droplets based on your default settings

Help manage your account when you have alot of droplets

Our agency and organisation plan allows you to manage the backups of as many DigitalOcean accounts as you wish. This is great if you’re a web agency and your clients have there own DigitalOcean accounts, and you manage them. You can simply handle all of the droplets and volume backups from one place.

Automatically activate new droplets we detected on your account, so you don't have to log in and set them up individually. There is nothing worse than forgetting to set up a backup system on newly created resources only to need a backup at a later date. Backups are not something you can retroactively resolve.

If your company makes a lot of droplets during the day activating them all can become a time consuming and error prone operation. This is why we offer the automatic setup feature on the Organisation plan.

How to Automatic Droplet setup?


  • We don't currently automate the setup of volumes

SnapShooter replication Settings