Ottomatik Alternative

Why do former Ottomatik Customers love SnapShooter?

SnapShooter is an easy to use, quick to setup, alternative to Ottomatik

Expert support, no confusing parachute setup, clean interfaces and price loyalty.

Quick Add Servers

Add servers in seconds with total ease

All you need to is access your server via SSH and run a single command we provide you.

Sit back and let us manage the taking of backups and efficient pruning of old backups

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Config Discovery

Setting up backup config can be a pain when you need to find all settings

SnapShooter will login to your server and return suggestions for configurations

SnapShooter Droplet Dashboard screenshot
Test Every Config

SnapShooter will perform a little test during backup setup to make sure everything looks good.

Great for checking your backing up the right assets, for example you don't want to discover you backed up the wrong database for the last six months when you need that backup.

Setup Testing
Real time Backup Logs

We provide you real time monitoring of your backup, so you can see how its performing

SnapShooter Droplet Dashboard screenshot
One click restores

Restoring a backup in a hurry can be stressful, we offer a one click restore process

SnapShooter connect to your server and run the restore command, with our multi part backups you can restore just one aspect for example a WordPress Database

Setup Testing

Many different backup Solutions

We are always looking at add more solutions, let us know what you need!

What our customers say

We have some of the friendliest customers, who love SnapShooter.

Tõnis Palts
Tõnis Palts
CEO Maagiline

We set up SnapShooter for our client’s production management system in a matter of minutes. After that, we have practically forgotten about it. It allows us to sleep well at night, knowing our client’s data is safe.

Reilly Chase
Reilly Chase

Stoked that SnapShooter takes care of MySQL backups for us, I started out writing my own scripts to do it but it gets pretty complicated between dumping, uploading, rotating, verifying... would much rather use a reliable service like this than roll my own!

John Deaton
John Deaton
Owner Deaton Web Design

I have been using SnapShooter for the past several months to handle my server backups. The service has always been reliable, so I trust that backups will always been done on schedule. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. Thanks!

Keith Bradley
Keith Bradley
Owner Logic Design & Consultancy Ltd

SnapShooter is an absolutely invaluable tool for keeping servers backed up, very easy to get everything setup and running. Best of all, you’re in full control of your backup data.

Taylor Otwell
Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel

If you’re using Forge with DO, you may be interested in SnapShooter … created by Laravel community member Simon Bennett 👍

Native Provider SnapShots Supported

You can also use SnapShooter to perform provider snapshots, keep everything under one roof